Musings on Language

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I often think of my brain as a dual-carriage highway. Every day there are the thoughts speeding along the fast lane, in a hurry to get to the destination. They are frenetic, focused on the here and now. On the flipside, there are always many more thoughts in the slow lane. Most days, these slow moving thoughts go unnoticed. They are humming along, blending into the background and simply taking in their surrounds. Occasionally, the roads get quiet…




Thinker ▪️ Writer ▪️ Speaker 🇦🇺 Founder - Recent altMBA alumnus #makingworkplaceshuman #changeseekers #futureofwork

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Leanne Gordon

Leanne Gordon

Thinker ▪️ Writer ▪️ Speaker 🇦🇺 Founder - Recent altMBA alumnus #makingworkplaceshuman #changeseekers #futureofwork

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